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Tuesday, 17 May 2022
  Super Tame Blue And Gold Macaws looking for a Good Home R 2,500
Male/Female Gold and Blue Macaw Parrots. They are a pair. Both have excellent qualities. They can…
Gauteng › Pretoria
Wednesday, 27 April 2022
  Check and welcoming Scarlet and Blue and Gold Macaws 4 sale just now R 3,000
…you will enjoy these babies , get yours now and they are ready to go now , plz whats-app me…
Gauteng › Pretoria
Tuesday, 12 April 2022
  Easy to adapts babies blue and Gold Macaws 4 sale now R 3,000
…babies are left now and all have papers
Gauteng › Pretoria
Thursday, 7 April 2022
  Quality hand reared babies Blue and Gold Macaws for sale now R 3,000
…all very neat and love to play with other home pets , Whatsapp me @ 0780556744
Gauteng › Pretoria
Thursday, 10 March 2022
  Hand reared and updated shot babies African Grey parrots on sale now R 4,000
…get yours now and enjoy the love of a talking young babies , they are very cute and friendly…
Gauteng › Pretoria
Tuesday, 1 March 2022
  New Litters of young babies Toco Toucan babies for sale now R 15,000
…with cage , play toys and games , these babies will make perfect addition to you and your family…
Gauteng › Pretoria
Sunday, 27 February 2022
  Meet my young pretty Umbrella Cockatoo parrots for sale now R 4,000
…all have papers and have been to a vet , will make good addition to your loving families now plz…
Gauteng › Pretoria
Wednesday, 2 February 2022
  African Grey for sale R 3,500
Beautiful African Grey with cage for sale, about 18 months old. We can not give him the attention…
Gauteng › Pretoria
Monday, 8 February 2021
  Nice companon young babies African Grey parrots for sale now R 3,000
Nice companion young babies African Grey parrots for sale now , all these babies will come with…
Gauteng › Pretoria
Monday, 16 November 2020
  most beautiful African grey parrots R 2,500
4 female and 2 male African grey parrots available now for a new home. Delivery is available .
Gauteng › Pretoria
Saturday, 7 November 2020
  Affectionate and easy going young babies african grey parrots on sale now R 3,000
…all our babies are good with kids and other home pets , they will make perfect addition to you and…
Gauteng › Pretoria
Friday, 19 June 2020
  2years old Blue & Gold Macaw parrots R 4,000
…just getting ready to go DNA tested. Contact with your email address and phone number for easy…
Gauteng › Pretoria
  Lovely blue and yellow gold macaw R 3,500
…parrot for sale in Red Bridge Green Lane. Very friendly tamed social bird which loves fresh raw…
Gauteng › Pretoria
Thursday, 18 April 2019
  Cutie Congo African Grey Parrot
her name is Coco, she may take a while to adjust to new surroundings but she will do fine as long…
Gauteng › Pretoria
Tuesday, 6 November 2018
  Healthy Blue and Gold Macaws for Sale in Danville Pretoria West. R 15,000
…Call me to +27 78 4006977 Viewing is available.
Gauteng › Pretoria
Friday, 5 October 2018
  Blue Fronted Amazon R 6,000
…male. Approximately 8 years old. Lots of Yellow on the head.
Gauteng › Pretoria
  Illiger macaw male R 2,500
…for sale.
Gauteng › Pretoria
Sunday, 19 August 2018
  Chickens For Sale R 35
We sell A grade chickens for small and bulky quantities for live chickens and Cuts
Gauteng › Pretoria
Thursday, 8 February 2018
  Congo breed African grey Pair R 7,900
…second time breeding . for sale for R7900
Gauteng › Pretoria
Tuesday, 16 January 2018
    African Gray Pair for sale R 10,000
We have a pair of African Grays for sale R10 000 for the pair its the second time they are breeding…
Gauteng › Pretoria
Saturday, 22 July 2017
    Cockatoo looking for a loving home R 5,500
Blue eyed cockatoo looking for a loving home.Pictures on request to serious buyers. Price…
Gauteng › Pretoria
Sunday, 9 July 2017
    African Grey Female 6 months old R 4,500
6 months old African Grey Female already tamed looking for a loving home. Includes a large and…
Gauteng › Pretoria
Saturday, 8 July 2017
    African Grey Parrot R 2,300
I sell my African Grey Parrot 4year old
Gauteng › Pretoria
Tuesday, 4 July 2017
    Potch koekoek roosters for sale R 60
Between 2 and 3 months old R 60 each.
Gauteng › Pretoria
Sunday, 9 October 2016
  Hand tame Bluegold macaw babies for sale R 12,000
Bluegoldmacaw babies for sale hand tame R12000 deposit will hold serious callers no dreamers or…
Gauteng › Pretoria
Thursday, 23 June 2016
  2 Year Old Peacock male for sale R 500
…2 x Available
Gauteng › Pretoria
Monday, 2 May 2016
  Rhode Island Red Rooster R 150
…for sale R150 Dark red Quality young addult
Gauteng › Pretoria
  African Gray R 3,000
She is a loving tame chatter box that will entertain and bright up your day with funny remarks
Gauteng › Pretoria
Wednesday, 6 January 2016
    Blue and gold macaws for sale R 12,000
We have here listed for sale Beautiful baby Blue & Gold Macaw babies.ready to go please contact me…
Gauteng › Pretoria
Wednesday, 20 November 2013
  Fresh brown and white eggs for sale R 20
We are specialist in Brown and white eggs Those interested should fee free to contact us for best…
Gauteng › Pretoria
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